What is DevDuino?

DevDuino is a fully redesigned, reshaped and enhanced Arduino-compatible board. An open source solution for anyone who wants to get into the world of Embedded Electronics, but also a day-to-day assistant in fast prototyping, sensors evaluation and debugging for any professional electronics engineer.

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DevDuino is an awesome tool for people interested in embedded electronics and single board computing projects.


A great way to introduce people to more advanced programming concepts without having to purchase a variety of accessories separately.

Includes an easy to use Arduino Library
Temperature Example

Alexandre Pailhoux offers to solve the issues around the shape and layout of Arduino boards with a completely re-designed Arduino-compatible open source solution.

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Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capability
Real Time Clock Example

Another Way for Beginners to Learn Programming

If you are not familiar with Arduino-compatible boards, there are virtually infinite things that you can do with it. DevDuino is designed to introduce people to programming and electronics engineering in a more convenient way!

Getting started

Your DevDuino is amazing! I love it! I would never be able to use a classic Arduino board anymore!

Steve - DevDuino owner