1. Preparation
DevDuino board and its voltmeter

1.1 Insert the 0.28 inch voltmeter in its slot (you may need to force a little bit) and a 3V CR1220 battery in the battery holder. For 3 wires version voltmeter, solder the Black wire to the GND, the Red wire to the +5V and the remaining wire is your measuring testpoint (it’s also recommended to replace this wire by a jumper wire).


1.2 Plug the board on a 830 tie-points breadboard.

1.3 (Optional step) Solder 2 pins in 2.54 mm on the board to connect your +5V and GND to the power rails.

2.  Install Arduino IDE

2.1. Go to arduino.cc

2.2. Download latest Arduino IDE Installer. (Release 1.8.5 or higher – Donations are highly encouraged!)

2.3. Install Arduino IDE.

2.4. Launch Arduino IDE so you can get something like this:

2.5 Go to File>Preferences and activate “Display line numbers”

3.  Connect your DevDuino

3.1. Connect your DevDuino to your computer with a USB cable (Micro-B) and make sure it is powered on by selecting the slider to ON.

You should normally get the following screen:

3.2. On your Arduino IDE: Go to Tools>Board and select Arduino Leonardo.

3.3. Then go to Tools>Port and select the COM Port connected to: (Arduino Leonardo).

4.  Installation DevDuino Library

4.1. Download the DevDuino Library: DevDuino Library (do not extract it)

4.2. On your Arduino IDE: Click on Sketch>Include Library and add the downloaded ZIP Library.


4.3. Check that the library has been successfully added.

5. Upload Examples

5.1. Go to File>Examples>DevDuino and select one of the examples

5.2 Upload your Example:

RX LED and TX LED should be blinking while uploading:

5.3 Wait until your example has been successfully uploaded:

5.4 See the result

6. Set the Real Time Clock

6.1 Place a 3V CR1220 battery in the battery holder.

6.2 Open the DevDuino example called: “rtc”

6.3 Edit line 34 the affected value to SET_RTC from “false” to “true” and update the date and time in the 24hours format:

6.4 Upload the example

Note: Unless you edit the affected value to SET_RTC from “true” to “false”, it’s gonna reset the date and time every time you are going to upload this example.