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aaronheckman17 asked 6 years ago

When will we be able enter our shipping information? If we were an original backer on kickstarter.

beamaxou replied 6 years ago

Chinese New Year is over now and after checking my tracking number:
He is alive !
I can not wait to receive my package …

Thank you very much Alex for this beautiful project Devduino

Alexandre Pailhoux Staff replied 6 years ago

Thanks for letting me know! I can’t for you to receive it too! 😉

3 Answers
Alex Staff answered 6 years ago

Didn’t you receive a survey on Kickstarter to enter your shipping information?

aaronheckman17 replied 6 years ago

Yes, now I remember. Sorry.

sebastien.charvin answered 6 years ago

Good evening,
No sign of life for Kickstarter contributors?
Still, no vision on the supply of Devduino ?

2nis.xavier replied 6 years ago


Alex Staff replied 6 years ago

Hello guys,
I still keep you inform thru the kickstarter updates section about the status of the project:
I think it is the most appropriate place to inform you because you should all receive a notification every time I add an update.

davy.baroukh answered 6 years ago

pas de réponse au mail concernant les problèmes d’expéditions !!