mail2 asked 6 years ago

First o fall: Thanks a lot for the nice work! The effort you spend is highly appreciated.
Basically everything is working good so far but I am not able to get any serial output from the board to the serial monitor.
and then
Serial.println(“my serial output”);
is not sending anything to my terminal.
I am working with many other boards and it is always working, but not with the DevDuino board. I never used the Leonardo platform before, so maybe there are some additional configurations needed?
Thanks and enjoy the Easter days…

Alex Staff replied 6 years ago

Hi Hans,
Is it at least working at lower baudrate?

mail2 replied 6 years ago

Hi Alex,
Sorry, also lower baudrates like 9600 or 2400 are not working. Interesting fact: 1200 ist crazy: That’s the baudrate my platformio environment is using for updating the firmware. If I tried to use 1200 baud, the device is frequently re-detected.
Updating firmware is working well, but i can’t get any serial output. Anything special with the Leonardo chip? I use 8N1 with no handshake.

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mail2 answered 6 years ago

Funny thing.. First of all: It IS working. After using a different terminal program, I got serial text from the board into my PC. 
With the Terminal v1.93b from Br@y++ I did not get any data from the board. I tried a lot of settings but nothing works. Normally I have absolutely no problems with the Br@y terminal, so that I was not thinking about trying a different one. All my other boards are working with the Br@y terminal.
Then, I used different terminal programs (TeraTerm and the arduino Serial monitor) and voila, it works.
The funny thing:
If I change the baudrate in the terminal, the transmission is still working! I expect that with a wrong baudrate setting, the transmission will not be valid anymore. I tried other boards (like the adafruit freather MO Bluefruit) and it is the same: The communication is still working! Only with devices that are using the FTDI USB to serial (TTL) adapters, the baudrate setting shows the expected effect: No or wrong data with a non matching baudrate setting.
Searching the internet points in the direction that “there’s no “RS232-like” asynchronous serial interface, just a virtual one. Actually, the data are directly transmitted thru the USB interface”. That sounds like an explanation for the funny baudrate behavior but not for my problem with the Br@y terminal.
In fact: the baudrate setting in the command 
seems also to be useless.
Anyway, with the right terminal, it is working. So: Problem solved!