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peter.j.kelly.dq asked 6 years ago

There are case sensitive errors in the devduino-master library. None of the examples will compile on a linux system. The Arduino IDE contains Arduino.h which is incorrectly referenced in the library. Note the capital ‘A’. peter@devtop ~/Arduino/libraries/devduino-master/src $ grep arduino.h *

sprite.h, font.h and devduinoSprite.h also have case errors. I fixed everything with symlinks (ln -s sprite.h Sprite.h, etc). I thought you might like to know, given that the boards are arriving at the users now. So far, I’m very pleased with the DevDuino!

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Alex Staff answered 6 years ago

Thanks Peter for your feedback.
I have been recently made aware of this case sensitive issues on linux system.
I’ll update the lib. 😉

alexandre.rodiere answered 6 years ago

Fix was merged on master branch:
See issue and PR on github for more details:
Up to date lib can be downloaded here :

Alex Staff replied 6 years ago

Thanks for merging Alex!

francis.morel replied 6 years ago

Salut !
Merci pour les corrections mais ne pas oublier de mettre à jour la librairie présente dans la partie “4. Install DevDuino Library” (URI car elle est encore en version antérieure (casse/RTC).
Merci !