mail2 asked 12 months ago

First o fall: Thanks a lot for the nice work! The effort you spend is highly appreciated.
Basically everything is working good so far but I am not able to get any serial output from the board to the serial monitor.
and then
Serial.println(“my serial output”);
is not sending anything to my terminal.
I am working with many other boards and it is always working, but not with the DevDuino board. I never used the Leonardo platform before, so maybe there are some additional configurations needed?
Thanks and enjoy the Easter days…

Alex Staff replied 12 months ago

Hi Hans,
Is it at least working at lower baudrate?

mail2 replied 12 months ago

Hi Alex,
Sorry, also lower baudrates like 9600 or 2400 are not working. Interesting fact: 1200 ist crazy: That’s the baudrate my platformio environment is using for updating the firmware. If I tried to use 1200 baud, the device is frequently re-detected.
Updating firmware is working well, but i can’t get any serial output. Anything special with the Leonardo chip? I use 8N1 with no handshake.

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mail2 answered 12 months ago

Funny thing.. First of all: It IS working. After using a different terminal program, I got serial text from the board into my PC. 
With the Terminal v1.93b from Br@y++ I did not get any data from the board. I tried a lot of settings but nothing works. Normally I have absolutely no problems with the Br@y terminal, so that I was not thinking about trying a different one. All my other boards are working with the Br@y terminal.
Then, I used different terminal programs (TeraTerm and the arduino Serial monitor) and voila, it works.
The funny thing:
If I change the baudrate in the terminal, the transmission is still working! I expect that with a wrong baudrate setting, the transmission will not be valid anymore. I tried other boards (like the adafruit freather MO Bluefruit) and it is the same: The communication is still working! Only with devices that are using the FTDI USB to serial (TTL) adapters, the baudrate setting shows the expected effect: No or wrong data with a non matching baudrate setting.
Searching the internet points in the direction that “there’s no “RS232-like” asynchronous serial interface, just a virtual one. Actually, the data are directly transmitted thru the USB interface”. That sounds like an explanation for the funny baudrate behavior but not for my problem with the Br@y terminal.
In fact: the baudrate setting in the command 
seems also to be useless.
Anyway, with the right terminal, it is working. So: Problem solved!