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Ken Schuman asked 3 weeks ago

Trying to use the Arduino SD Card Library to read/write the SD Card on DevDuino. Trying CardInfo sketch, and others, all fail.
No matter what pin I try, the sketch reports
Initializing SD card…initialization failed. Things to check:
* is a card inserted?
* is your wiring correct?
* did you change the chipSelect pin to match your shield or module?
I have verified the card is formatted FAT16 and can read it on my PC.
I have tried reseating the SD Card as well.
Furthermore, SCLK and MOSI light up when I upload sketch and start the Serial Monitor,  but MISO never lights up.
Can you please help?

2 Answers
Alex Staff answered 2 weeks ago

Hi Ken
First of all, I would recommend to check out the following project I did two years ago:
There is an archive called including some code and a schematics.
Try to start from there, it should be working.
Once I’ll have more spare time, I will add to the DevDuino library an example about the SD card.
If you are still convinced that something is really wrong, then have a look on the soldering U8 and P5:
There are number 17 and 36 on the gerbers:

marcoux_a answered 2 weeks ago

Ken, I did some test and it looks like the SD card take comes with the kit is not working well… I was seeing the same issue, but I sometime get a conection.
I switch to another SDcard I had on hand and it works perfectly… I did notice the card that comes with the kit would be detected, but not work correctly, while probing MISO/MOSI…